To ensure Quality, our Testing Lab/ Quality Assurance, Quality Control Departments are well equipped with almost all the latest, advanced, sophisticated testing apparatuses, equipments like U.V. Spectrophotometer, H.P.L.C., Gas Chromatography (GC) etc.

The Pride & Responsibility for Possessing WHO-GMP  & ISO 9001-2000 Certificates

Merely getting these Certificates are not sufficient. Because this is not a onetime test or examination in which one will appear & clear & there is no need to appear again. These Certificates not only made Maiden Pharmaceuticals Ltd. proud but also bring in more responsibility of maintaining, sustaining the flag of superior Quality UP, UP & UP……… everyday / hour / minute & every second. For this Quality Assurance / Control people keep on running, sweating, putting in hard work. We are proud of their efforts, teamwork.