Under Lab Testing we shall not merely discuss the testing of Chemicals or various chemical reactions, we shall also tell you how or rather why we got WHO-GMP & ISO 9001-2000 Certificates.

We have technically qualified professional team for Quality Assurance & Quality Control. These professionals have dissected and minutely studied each and every step of production processes. They have developed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). They not only develop these but also ensure that these procedures (SOPs) are implemented / followed at each step religiously. TQM (Total Quality Management) system is followed efficiently, which maintains the product’s highest quality and provided best results to patients.

Their function starts with the arrival of raw material. The Raw Material as well as Packaging Material is approved or rejected as per respective SOP. After it is approved it is shifted to Raw Material Store or Packaging Material Store.

During the manufacturing process, samples at various levels are taken and tested as per respective SOP, so that the fault (if any) should be detected at an early stage. It is rectified; if possible, otherwise, without incurring greater losses at later stages, it is rejected.  This not only maintains Good Quality but it also saves monetary losses of labor, raw material, packaging material etc.

After the production is over, the finished goods are tested as per respective SOP. Stability studies of Control Samples are also continuously done as per respective SOP.

So, around 30 tests / procedures are done for checking and giving final go ahead for releasing of goods in the market and during it’s shelf life.