Maiden Pharmaceuticals Ltd. understands the importance of Research & Development in the present scenario. With are committed to give the best quality products at most economic rates, the usage of R&D in developing newer combinations, rather rational combinations in a single dosage form, becomes utmost important.

For example, for the treatment of a single disease, when patient has to take three to four tablets, he feels disgusted & there are possibilities that he may forget to take one or the other tablet. In Today’s era of Jet Age and constant change, patients as well as the doctors equally find themselves helpless.

We at Maiden Pharmaceuticals Ltd. swung into action to provide them whatever is their need. This is not a child’s play. This requires lot of R&D, as we have to take care or rather ensure that the bioavailability of individual drug should not be altered or affected.  Similarly their dissolution rate, dispersibility rate (D.T.) etc. should not be changed. In it’s product basket, Maiden Pharmaceuticals Ltd. has so many such products to offer.

The main aim of R&D at Maiden Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is to simplify the sophistication / complications of latest technology so that it can be used for the welfare of masses.

Second but not the last , our R&D team ensures that each dose / particle of drug in Tablet or Capsule or every drop of liquid oral should  give the claimed benefit  to suffering patient and this benefit should be there till last particle or drop. This will instill the faith in patients about the quality of the medicine which can treat them completely.